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Free Workbook: Heal Your Life Story




This 37-page PDF workbook is a free resource that you can download, print out and fill in. You will work on:

  • Focusing on the present
  • Recognising and developing your agency
  • Understanding and manifesting your authentic self
  • Getting comfortable with being able to change things
  • Reclaiming your past
  • Getting a team
  • Building a manifesto
  • Sorting your allies from your antagonists
  • Understanding your unhealthy attractions
  • Recognising your gifts
  • Uncovering the story you’ve been telling yourself about your life
  • Letting go of some unwanted baggage
  • Understanding what your anger teaches you
  • Drawing better boundaries
  • Giving your child self a new mission
  • Defining your dark matter
  • Working through guilt
  • Understanding your your experiences live in your body
  • Rewriting the story of your life

The book works as a standalone resource but becomes even more useful when combined with our audio course Heal Your Life Story. That course is currently hosted on Teachable. Click here to take a look.


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